Is it necessary to read books nowadays? Why, how much and why

We read for various reasons: to obtain a variety of information, to relax, to broaden our horizons. Reading books in our time is very useful because of the large number of stressful situations in life, and while reading we are carried away to other worlds, eras, distracted from problems and worries.

There are many reasons why we should read books. Good literature is life. Often we are looking for in it what we really lack in real life: what is happening in our soul and tormenting us, answers to various questions.

Why should you read books?

Such a simple question “Why do you need to read books?”, in fact, has a logical answer – to be smart, educated, successful. Everyone knows this, but in fact only a few read books. Since childhood, it has been known that this activity is extremely useful, but recently this issue has had to be raised again and again.

Is it necessary to read? Definitely yes. From childhood, reading books actively develops creative thinking. You are not just a reader, you are the creator of the work. After all, your vision of the plot is different from how the author imagined it. You create your world, your characters. Creative thinking is needed not only for artists or designers, we need it more often than it seems.

Books allow us to keep our brain “clean” without being littered with politics or negative events that are happening in the world. Today, almost every article in a newspaper or on the Internet has its own hidden meaning – to make us believe in something that is not really there. We are being programmed for an artificial world. Classical works do not do this, they will affect the spiritual and intellectual sides of the personality.

Returning to the imagination, it should be noted that it is extremely necessary for those who want to be an interesting conversationalist. The most important value is not that you shine with jokes from popular TV shows, but your thoughts that arise during a conversation with an interlocutor. Without imagination, you simply cannot keep up the conversation with advice, questions, thoughts.

Another reason to read books is a happy family life. For several years, the spouses get to know each other thoroughly, and it just gets boring. People who read a lot, have an excellent imagination, always come up with something, make life active and vibrant. In such a family will never be bored.

Books make you think, analyze, guess. These qualities are important in order to cope with life’s problems and worries, to find solutions to even the most difficult tasks.

Unfortunately, people are arranged in such a way that they lose interest in the most accessible things. Previously, when books were in short supply, they were literally chased, read to holes. Today, you can download any book from the Internet in a couple of minutes, but this is of little interest to anyone.

Therefore, the answer to the question “Why should I read?” – definitely necessary for the development of intelligence, creative thinking and the spiritual side of your personality.

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