How to choose a silk scarf

In ancient times, only very rich women could afford silk scarves and shawls. Today, any lady can afford a beautiful silk scarf. The main thing is to understand which scarf will help you lose a couple of years, which one will make the figure slimmer, and which, on the contrary, will fill you up.

How to choose a scarf by color?

Even 10-20 years ago it was fashionable to choose a scarf, handbag and shoes in the same color. It was considered the height of elegance. Many girls today choose accessories according to the same principle, although it is somewhat outdated. A similar choice was introduced by the English queen, therefore this style is usually called the style of the English queen.

If you want to show brightness, individuality and refined taste, it is not at all necessary to select a set in one tone. Shoes can be several tones darker or lighter than a scarf, and a handbag can be a completely different color. What tones of a scarf to choose for spring – the color table or your own intuition will tell you.

How to distinguish natural silk from artificial?

Batik-style scarves made of natural silk are the trend of this spring. How to choose them correctly?

  1. Natural silk has a beautiful, even, shiny shade, especially in natural light. It is delicate and soft to the touch.
  2. Pay attention to the folds: they should drape naturally, not be too stiff.
  3. See how the scarf is dyed. Natural silk has smooth color transitions both from the front and from the wrong side. The artificial fabric from the inside is colored more pale.
  4. Check the quality of the seam. In branded products, the seams are even, the threads do not stick out anywhere. Expensive silk scarves are hemmed exclusively by hand.
  5. Natural silk always has a smell, while artificial fabric does not.

If in doubt about the quality of the material, sprinkle perfume on the scarf. Natural silk will retain the fragrance for a long time, and with artificial fabric it disappears almost immediately.

What scarf will help you look slimmer?

Short girls with a short neck are recommended to wear shorter scarves, and owners of a long neck – elongated models.

  • A plain scarf visually lengthens the figure.
  • A scarf in a large check or with large flowers gives a woman of any age more weight.
  • It is better to wear a colored scarf with plain things and vice versa – plain scarves are more suitable for colored prints.
  • A silk scarf complete with a long dress will make the figure slimmer.
  • A scarf is worn with jeans and even shorts – this gives a zest to the image.

An incorrectly chosen scarf can “give” the owner 5 extra years. Harmonious combinations for your color type and skin tone will make a woman younger, highlight the beauty of her eyes and skin.

Silk scarves – a universal accessory

The image of a real lady is always thought out to the details, which allows you to look perfect. Italian silk scarves, as well as French Hermes scarves, are especially popular – they have a laconic style and unsurpassed quality. No wonder they are considered universal, firstly, natural silk scarves are ideal for any age and season. Secondly, you can beautifully tie a silk scarf not only around your neck, but also on your head, belt and even a bag, thereby changing its appearance.

If you want to please your mother, sister, wife or just your girlfriend – buy a beautiful inexpensive silk scarf in the online store and you will not be left without gratitude. It is not at all necessary to choose Chanel silk scarves, of course, they are chic, but their cost is quite high. Indian and Chinese silk scarves are famous for their unusual design, high quality and they are inexpensive, because you do not pay for the brand.

Several ways to tie a silk scarf

A silk scarf is the most practical and versatile accessory, perfect for a fur coat and for creating a summer look with a light dress.

  • on the neck – this is the most classic and familiar way. Of course, there are a huge number of options, but still on the neck – this is the first place.
  • on the head, a silk scarf looks great on real ladies, in beautiful suits and dresses. Many ladies tie their hair with them when relaxing by the sea.
  • a silk scarf on the bag, tied in the form of a bow, will add romance to the image. And the handles braided by him will make the image concise, stylish and strict.
  • you can also decorate any basic dress by making a belt, a cape, or an imitation of a bolero out of a scarf.

Choose right

Before you buy a silk scarf, you need to choose the right not only color, but also the size, density and surface.

  • matte translucent silk scarves are great for the warm season. They look reserved and youthful.
  • satin silk scarves look solid and expensive, they give the face freshness and radiance.
    You need to choose the right color so as not to get a green or blue tint of the face in the bonus.

The larger the size, the more options for how to tie it, but not all of them will fit and will be relevant. For business women, you should choose a classic size, it will decorate and give the image of femininity, softness.
Large silk shawls, scarves and stoles are perfect as a cape on the shoulders on a summer evening, or to create a bright look.

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