How to choose a nightgown

A woman should always be beautiful and well-groomed, even at night, getting ready for bed. Therefore, the choice of night clothes should be approached no less carefully and thoughtfully than day or evening clothes. A nightgown belongs to the type of underwear, which organically combines simplicity and luxury, comfort and elegance. She has long ceased to perform the functions of clothes in which they only sleep. In a beautiful and stylish nightgown, the girl looks unusually gentle and seductive. In such attire, it is not a shame to go into the kitchen and drink morning coffee or just defile around the apartment.

Nightgown Tips

What criteria should be followed when choosing a nightgown?

1. Fabric. First of all, look at the material from which the nightgown is sewn. Try to give preference to natural fabrics: cotton, flannel, calico, silk, linen, viscose. Clothing made of them allows the skin to breathe, it is pleasant to the touch, comfortable and anti-allergic.

2. Style. A beautiful nightgown made from natural fabrics can be refined and elegant. Models are long and short, with a deep neckline or an elegant collar, there can be ruffles, frills and folds, a sleeve of any length or its absence. A variety of styles will allow each girl to choose a product that is dear to her heart.

Size 3. This criterion also plays a significant role. Nightwear should be spacious, not restricting movement. It is best to buy a nightgown one size larger. A comfortable women’s shirt will allow you to sleep well and wake up rested.

Designers of women’s clothing develop the most diverse and stylish styles of nightgowns. We offer to consider the most popular models.

Classic cotton nightgowns. For their tailoring, plain fabrics or matter with a small pattern are usually used. The classic style will always be in fashion. It is relevant for women who care about convenience and comfort, elegance and simplicity.
Silk patterns. As a rule, these are products made of fabrics of “cat” colors: leopard or tiger. They are chosen by liberated and strong women who are not indifferent to silk underwear with thin straps.
Sleepwear in the style of Baby Doll. It is a short shirt with decorations in the form of bows and ribbons. This style is preferred by coquette women, and it is also ideal for plump girls.
Nightgowns-combinations look very luxurious on any figure. They have an extraordinary ability to hide flaws and focus on women’s virtues. Pleasant for the body silk will give a feeling of comfort and coolness on hot nights.
Nightgowns made of translucent fabrics. Products, softly fitting the figure, decorated with airy ruffles, will be a great outfit in which you will spend a romantic evening with your loved one.

Color options

The color of your sleepwear is of particular importance. A variety of shades will allow a woman to choose exactly the color design that suits her best. Delicate shades are suitable for a good rest: light pink, cream, pastel, golden. A beauty in such a nightgown will look very romantic.

Swarthy brunettes can safely choose shirts of juicy shades: scarlet, black, lilac, emerald. These colors make women’s beauty even brighter, more sensual and become the best option for a night of love.

Ladies with fair skin will look great in a nightgown in soothing shades. Pink or lilac color will suit sensual and gentle natures.

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