How to choose an evening dress

To choose the perfect evening dress, you need to remember a lot of nuances, such as the type of figure, color type, and the nature of the event. Many social events have a specific dress code. And just good taste should tell you the measure of openness or length.

The general rules remain unchanged. If you want to emphasize a beautiful décolleté line with a deep neckline, then your legs should be covered, and vice versa. Thin girls can wear dresses made of thin soft fabric, but if there are problem areas, the material should be denser and keep its shape well. Shiny dresses add volume. Flashy jewelry looks good with a laconic outfit, and discreet jewelry with a bright one.

The correct ratio of figure and cut

In order to choose an evening dress according to the type of figure, you must first carefully study its proportions. Then you will understand where you need to add volume or make a bright accent. Stylists divide female figures into the following types:

  • Type A (pear): narrow shoulders and small chest, pronounced waist and lush hips. To balance the top and bottom, fit models with a square or V-neckline and a high waistline. Drapery and lush trim on the upper part of the clothes will look good. A flared skirt, especially widening from the middle of the thigh, will give you fragility and grace.
  • Type O (apple): approximately the same circumference of the hips, waist and chest. A-line dresses with a V-neck look good. It is better not to use additional finishing. If you have slender legs, focus on them. Lightweight and flowy material such as chiffon will elongate the silhouette and hide excess weight. Don’t forget to highlight your waist.
  • Type H (rectangle): the same size of the chest, waist and hips, but the physique is thin, not full. For such a figure, narrow long evening dresses are suitable. Lush hemlines, flounces, contrasting inserts on the sides are recommended – everything that will give the figure roundness and hide angular lines. It will not be superfluous to emphasize the waist line. Short evening dresses will also look great, revealing slender legs.
  • Type V (Inverted Triangle): An athletic figure with broad shoulders and narrower hips. The most suitable styles with a low waist or in the form of a trapezoid. Ruffles on the hips, flared skirts, open shoulders or one shoulder will also balance the proportions. Highlight your décolleté with a deep V-neck. A long necklace or scarf will complement the toilet well.
  • Type X (hourglass). Women with such a figure are the luckiest. After all, it is enough to emphasize her feminine lines: rounded breasts, hips and a thin waist – to look perfect. Evening dresses to the floor with a fitted silhouette, fish style, oblique cut – these are the most winning options. It is better to avoid a lot of draperies and a low waist.

Women with any body type should pay attention to universal models with a smell or a “case”. Both short and long evening dresses of this style, thanks to the peculiarities of their cut, fit perfectly on any figure, making the silhouette feminine and seductive.

Choosing an evening dress for a particular occasion

Recommendations for the selection of clothes apply not only to royal balls. The dress code is present at official receptions and other events, especially those related to work. The highest level is floor-length evening dresses, stilettos and real jewels.

Fortunately, such strict rules do not apply to all evening outings. But, going to a corporate party, you also need to take into account the existence of certain restrictions. For example, short evening dresses will fit into the dress code, in contrast to the ultra mini and excessive frankness of the outfit.

When choosing clothes for a family celebration, including a traditional wedding, give preference to elegant classics, avoiding eccentric and pretentious styles.

But dresses for the New Year can be as elegant and bright as possible. In combination with the appropriate accessories, they will make your look unique and memorable.

Color spectrum

To create a harmonious look, you need to determine which colors best suit the tone of your skin and hair. Keep in mind that some colors look very different under artificial lighting. Boring faded shades are not suitable for evening dresses; complex saturated colors will look much better.

Choosing the perfect evening dress is not easy. You need to take into account the pros and cons of your appearance, listen to the advice of stylists and your own sense of beauty. But the efforts made will not be in vain if you win everyone over with your shiny and stylish look.

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