How to choose clothes online

Before you put something in your shopping cart, do a mini-research. It will take time, but it will save you from wasting money.

1. Focus on measurements

The mistake of a beginner in online shopping is to focus only on the indicated size. The parameters of the figure for which things with the same marking are designed can vary greatly depending on the brand. For example, for the 46th female size, the volume of the hips can vary in the range of 96-102 cm, and in the letter designation it can be either M or L.
Therefore, you need to open the size table of a particular brand and, by your own standards, determine what is right for you. Ideally, it’s good to refresh your measurements before ordering, as you can always get better or lose weight. It’s best to have someone measure you so you can stand up straight and not fidget.

Regardless of gender, three measurements are important: at the most protruding points of the chest and buttocks, as well as at the waist – in the narrowest place, and not where you are used to seeing a belt.

This also works for shoes: be sure to take measurements. Stand on a sheet of paper, circle your foot, and then measure the distance from the middle of the heel to the most protruding part of the big toe. If the site allows you to choose the width of the shoes, measure the width of the foot.

2. Become aware of the features of your figure

This is not at all about the fact that everyone immediately needs to hide some shortcomings, including non-existent ones. Understanding the nuances of the figure will help you choose the right size and not miss the thing.

For example, if you are a woman with steep hips and the thinnest waist, it will be difficult for you to choose a pencil skirt without trying on, since both parameters are important here. But for a sun skirt, only the waist circumference is important, the probability of an error is minimal.

3. Remember: more is better than less.

A thing that is slightly large can hardly be called a completely bad purchase. It can be sutured in the right places, altered or worn as an oversize. Clothes that are small can only be put on the shelf. So if in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one.

For shoes, this advice does not always work. Sneakers with laces or warm winter boots, if you make a mistake by half a size, can sit comfortably, but dress shoes, alas.

4. Choose clothes that fit perfectly in any size

If you’re new to a particular brand of clothing, start with items that can be missized. For example, a sweatshirt or sweater with a raglan sleeve does not have a shoulder seam, which must lie in a certain place. It’s just that the thing will either be tight-fitting or a loose fit.
Pay attention to things of a free cut and knitwear. But products with a bunch of tucks, tucks, sewn from non-stretching fabrics, can lead to an error much more often.

5. See the thing in all colors

It happens that in a neutral color the product looks great and the hand itself reaches out to add it to the basket. But it is better to see all the photos of the thing in all the colors presented before that.

For example, it may turn out that a piece of clothing has strange seams or darts that were not visible in black, but are visible in green. When the thing is not in the picture, but in your hands, all this will matter.

6. Pay attention to the height of the model

Size is not the only parameter that affects the fit of a thing. It depends on the height for which it is designed, whether the sleeves and trousers will fit, whether the waist line will be under the chest, whether the armholes will be comfortable.

Most often, things on the European market in size S and M are designed for a woman with a height of 170 cm and a man with a height of 176 cm. This parameter may increase with size, but not always. If you are close to this mark, there will most likely be no problems. The rest should be considered more carefully.

Websites often indicate the height of the model. You can evaluate how the clothes sit on her to see if the clothes fit you.

7. Watch videos

If there is a video on the product page, don’t skip it. You can see how the thing behaves when moving. It may turn out that even in those 30 seconds that the model defiles along the catwalk, the skirt rides up, and ugly creases form on the jacket.

8. Read reviews

It’s good if buyers can share their opinion directly on the site. If not, don’t give up. Look for reviews on the Internet by picture, article and name. It is likely that it is being discussed on some forum of shopaholics.