Silk underwear

Of the many different types of women’s underwear, the most important one that every woman needs in her top drawer is silk panties. Silk is a rarity, elegance and luxury. While it may be more expensive, we strongly believe that silk underwear is worth every penny given all the benefits it provides. Keep reading to find out 3 reasons why silk is a must in your lingerie collection.

Why every woman needs a pair of silk underwear

1. They are hypoallergenic.

Silk panties are hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction due to their natural protein structure and smooth texture. Plus, it doesn’t need to be treated with harsh chemicals to achieve that look and feel. So, those of us with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about potential irritation from silk underwear.

2. Seasonless silk.

Silk not only keeps you warm in cold weather, but also keeps you cool when the temperature rises. The thermal properties of silk depend on your body temperature, so it is best to wear silk panties at all times. How can it be? Silk is a highly breathable fabric with an incredible ability to absorb moisture. It wicks moisture away from the body to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate, so you can stay dry and comfortable on hot summer days and warm on cold winter days. These are the best silk base layers for any skiing or other winter activity.

3. They are fit for a queen

Silk panties will make you feel like royalty. Up until the 20th century, silk material was strictly reserved for the upper class. Only the royal family and the aristocracy were honored to wear this luxurious fabric. Now that we commoners can also wear cloth, we should definitely take advantage of this privilege!