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American lotteries are perhaps the most generous in the world. Even those who do not live in the States have repeatedly heard the news about winning colossal amounts. It was in the American lotto that the largest jackpot in the world, $1.5 billion, was played. In 2016, by a lucky chance, three players hit it at once, each accounted for 528 million dollars. And this is far from an isolated case – in the same 2016, a married couple from New Hampshire won $487 million, in 2017 a whopping $758.7 million was won by a nurse from Massachusetts, and not so long ago in March 2019 it was another big jackpot is $768 million, but little is known about the winner yet. Agree, big and frequent winnings are a good incentive to play American lotteries.

The best lotteries in America

In the United States, the organization of lotteries is given close attention. Each of the existing lotteries is worthy of attention in its own way, but there are also unchanging leaders who are popular not only in America, but also far beyond its borders.

Today you have a unique opportunity to try your luck, because now you can play the most profitable lotteries from all over the world thanks to the trusted intermediary LOTTO AGENT. You can participate in any of the lotteries below by simply clicking on the links provided. Good luck!

Lottery MEGA Millions

Perhaps the most popular and famous American lottery is MEGA Millions. More than 20 years have passed since its foundation. Previously, it had the name Big game and spread over the territory of several states, and since 2002 it changed its name and expanded the game area to the territory of all America. Since then, draws have been held not only on Fridays, but also on Tuesdays.

The drawing is carried out on balls (fields) of two colors. First, players are asked to choose 5 numbers out of 70 for white balls, and then choose one number out of 25 – the golden ball (mega). Naturally, correctly guessed all 6 numbers will bring the biggest win, but there are incentive prizes for partially guessing the prize combination.

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In addition, there is a Megaplier option that can increase all winnings except the jackpot. For example, if you managed to win 10 thousand dollars, then with the Megaplier function activated, your winnings will already be 50 thousand.

The estimated chance of hitting the MegaMillions jackpot is 1 in 175 million. 50% of all proceeds from sales are allocated to the prize pool. The winner can withdraw the amount of his winnings in one check, but lose some of the money or stretch the payout over 26 years and receive the full winnings.

There are nine categories to win in MEGA Millions:

Guessed Numbers Win
Mega $1
1 number + mega 2 $
2 numbers + mega 5 $
3 numbers 7 $
3 numbers + mega $50
4 numbers 500 $
4 numbers + mega 5000 $
5 numbers 1 million dollars
5 numbers + mega lottery jackpot

Lottery Powerball

The multi-state lottery PowerBall is not much less popular than the Mega Millions. This lottery has been known since 1988, only earlier it was called “Lotto America”.

In PowerBall, the draw is also held on two lottery drums. The player needs to guess 5 numbers from 1 to 69 and another red ball (from 1 to 26).

A ticket to participate in the lottery costs $ 2, and the chances of hitting the big jackpot are approximately 1 in 175 million. The jackpots of this lottery reach colossal proportions. The maximum jackpot exceeded $590 million and was hit by one ticket.

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The draws of this lottery are broadcast twice a week. You can win in nine categories.

Guessed Numbers Win
Powerball (red
ball) 4 $
1 number +
additional 4$
2 numbers +
additional 7$
3 numbers 7 $
3 numbers +
additional 100$
4 numbers 100 $
4 numbers +
additional 10000$
5 numbers 1 million dollars
5 numbers +
additional lottery jackpot

SuperLotto Plus

Unlike the previous two, SuperLotto Plus is a full-time lottery that is subject to California law, but it is known far beyond its borders. The lottery began its existence in 1986 and initially had a very simple winning formula – you had to correctly predict the loss of 6 balls out of 49. But later, the drawing scheme was supplemented with new rules and began to resemble the rules of Powerball and Mega Millions. Now the player has to choose 5 numbers out of 47 possible, and one more bonus number from 1 to 27 for the MEGA ball.

SuperLotto Plus gives the winner the choice of taking the entire prize all at once in a single check payout of approximately 50-60% of the top prize, or splitting the payout over 26 years.

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The maximum win was paid out in 2002 and amounted to $193 million. The minimum hit jackpot in the lottery was 7 million.

Guessed Numbers Win

MEGA ball 1 $
1 number + MEGA 2 $
2 numbers + MEGA from 8 to 12 $
3 numbers from 8 to 12 $
3 numbers + MEGA from 45 to 65 $
4 numbers from 65 to 120 $
4 numbers + MEGA from 1000 to 4000 $
5 numbers from $10,000 to $40,000
5 numbers + MEGA Grand Prize

Lottery New York

The New York Lottery, as you might have guessed by the name, was originally held for residents of New York State. The minimum jackpot amount is $3 million. If the main prize was not presented to any lucky winner in the current draw, then in the next draw its amount will increase by $500. The maximum lottery jackpot in its history was 56 million.

The rules of the New York lottery are nowhere simpler – the player needs to guess five numbers from 1 to 59 + the number under which the bonus ball will fall. Unlike the previous options, in this lottery the bonus ball falls from the standard lottery machine (1-56), which slightly reduces the chances of winning.

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