Lotto games online

There is nothing wrong if a person is aware of his excitement and satisfies him within reasonable limits. It is not at all necessary to run to an underground casino, because you can open free online Lotto games and play without harming your wallet and health. Just look how vividly and expressively our virtual fun is presented. You can play Russian lotto, keno, bingo and even TV shows. All toys are kept according to the original rules, they can be opened on a tablet and mobile phone if there is no access to a computer. If you lose, it will not affect your pocket, and winning will give game points and moral satisfaction.

Ancient game

Loto GamesPeople have always had a passion that looked for opportunities to manifest itself in various bets, games and lotteries. In fact, the lottery is a gambling game built on chance and the result cannot be predetermined in advance. Her idea is to make a big profit, and during the process, the manager draws lots, pulling out and announcing lots, numbers or tickets in random order. If they match the player’s numbers, he becomes the winner and, depending on the number of guessed positions, receives his winnings.

The lottery originated before our era. Its first signs can be observed in ancient Greek myths, when soldiers were given the right to randomly drag multi-colored stones from a golden helmet, and only one of them allowed the lucky man to fight Zeus himself. In the hundredth year BC, lotteries were held in ancient China and Rome, reminiscent of the modern game of Keno. And since such entertainment was carried out mainly in order to obtain additional funds for the state, the proceeds were used for construction, and China threw them into the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Development of the Lotto game

Loto games In Rome, during the time of Julius Caesar, they held lotteries not only in favor of the state, but also arranged holidays for the poor, handing out pieces of paper to them, where only some of the lucky ones found cash prizes. Medieval and later lotteries served not only to replenish the state treasury, but were also arranged for fun. Any bourgeois could announce the start of a new game according to certain rules. Often they were unsuccessful, and the organizer himself burned out. In Europe and America, the lottery has become fashionable. Yes, and Russia did not lag behind in comfort, but in 1918, when Soviet power came, the Council of People’s Commissars banned it, as a relic of the capitalist past.

Lotto Games However, when the hunger strike and devastation began, in 1921 the lottery was again legalized. “Sportloto” became the most famous game where you could win not only cash prizes, but also things, such as a car, a refrigerator or a TV. The tickets themselves were sometimes forcibly handed over to people in the form of change in the store and bonuses to wages. The lottery has not died even now. Moreover, Keno, Russian Lotto, Golden Key, Bingo are especially popular and no one else forces you to participate in them – it’s voluntary. And since there is a demand in the real world, it is only natural that an online lotto game has appeared. As inventory, cardboard cards with numbers and barrels are used – plastic or wooden, also with numbers. The host or one of the participants in the game blindly (without looking) takes out one barrel from the bag and calls the number on it. The rest of the players must quickly find a similar number on their cards and close it with a chip. As soon as one player closes all the numbers, he becomes the winner. But sometimes, by agreement, you can also take intermediate winnings, this is when one or more horizontal rows are closed.

The Russian Lotto game on our site follows the original rules and resembles the television version that viewers like so much. And they also love to play it at home with friends or with family. But advances have turned board game into free bingo games with options. Please note that even for children there is a version of the lotto game for free, where Dora takes out cards with colored starfish from the box and needs to find a similar one in her picture. In other versions, children are presented with images of animals, plants, or other objects. Now, for everyone, the game of loto offers something different to play, while maintaining the main idea.

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