Safe Shopping Recommendations

1. Fulfill the order through correspondence in personal messages.

Make a deal with the seller / buyer through messages on the site. This will serve as a confirmation of your transaction in case of problems with the order.

If the seller/buyer wants to make a deal via phone or mobile texting, it is most likely a dangerous deal. We recommend that you contact support.

If the transaction was made through another messenger / phone or other communication system, the company will not be able to help you in case of a conflict. The entire transaction must be recorded on the site.
In order to increase the security of transactions and the convenience of tracking parcels, send / ask for TTN, also through messages on the site.

2. Payment for the order.

We do not recommend making a full prepayment of the cost of your order to sellers who:

They do not provide guarantees of fulfillment of the order or a refund.

Registered on the site for a short time, about the work of which there is little or no feedback.

The value of the goods exceeds a certain amount. In this case, ask for cash on delivery.

Always check the card number in the black list of our website, as well as through Internet search engines.

3. Before ordering, find out the opinion of other buyers – read the reviews about the seller.

On the profile page in the “Reviews” section, you can find out the percentage of positive and negative reviews, as well as the opinion of buyers / sellers.

Pay special attention to:

The presence and essence of both negative and positive reviews.

4. Before buying any product, find out the maximum information about the product and the terms of the transaction.

Specify the terms of the order, payment, delivery and return, take contact details (phone number, etc.).

Specify all the details you are interested in, as well as request additional photos, measurements, certificates or licenses by asking your question using the “Ask a question” on the page of the product you are interested in.

5. Check your order upon receipt. Upon receipt of the goods, make sure that they are safe, intact and comply with the parameters declared by the seller.

If any inconsistencies or damage are found, contact the delivery service employee and make an inventory of the contents of the parcel / order, then contact the seller as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Do not discard or otherwise damage the product if you plan to return it.

We recommend that you carefully follow the above recommendations before making a transaction.

If, when making a transaction, you encountered a dishonorable seller / buyer, you can describe your transaction in the black list.